AIDS/HIV in Uganda

HIV/AIDS in Uganda is the most cause of orphanism in Uganda and more than 2 million children in Africa are orphans as a result of loosing Parents to the the wrath of the dangerous killer diseases like HIV/AIDS,Malaria and many other infections. The lack of basics in life has created hopeless because of lack of money for food,Health care and education.
HIV/AIDS in Uganda is a threat in Africa and Uganda as a whole because many children have been forced to the streets,others are living with harsh relatives who have shamelessly forced them into child labour,sexual abused them or married them off for the purposes of gaining bridal wealth.As As a result of HIV/AIDS in Uganda,some children are kicked out from homes over trivial matters that bring frustration,for example,the young girls who get pregnant while young.
HIV/AIDS in Uganda has forced young girls to act as “parents” to young sisters and brothers whose parents has passed away,and they are easy targets for prostitution or rape.
Children and young people whose parents have become infected with HIV/AIDS virus begin to suffer even before a parent or caregiver has died, the study goes on to say. Since children are unable to earn the same income as their parents, household income plummets. As a result, there is little money for food, clothing, medicine or other basic necessities. Education is interrupted and many children are forced to drop out to either care for a dying parent or go to work to earn money for others who may be too young. Children become depressed and feel alienated from their peers as well as from their families.

Young boys and girls who are having to carry the burden of caring for their entire families eat less and sell whatever they can — even if that includes themselves.

“Boys and girls who have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS in Uganda are also stigmatized,” explains Missionary of Africa,”They are known as children whose parents have died from socially embarrassing disease. Besides having had to witness their parents suffering and death, they are now poorer and less healthy than non-orphaned children. They will have a hard time focusing on their education and on life in general. They have been traumatized in ways that few of us will ever be able to understand. And because they are uneducated, they will be subjected to the worst forms of child labor and abuse.”
When HIV/AIDS in Uganda continued to kill people in a very large number, orphans increased and Charles started Kazira orphaned children and community development purposely to help the helpless children after loosing both their parents.
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