Change the future of a poor child

More than 2 million children in Africa are orphans, as a result of loosing Parents to the wrath of the dangerous killer diseases like AIDS, Malaria and many other infections. The lack of the basics in life has created hopelessness because of lack of money for food, Health care and Education.
Many children have been forced to the streets, others are living with harsh relatives who have shamelessly forced them into child labor, sexually abused them or married them off for the purposes of gaining bridal wealth. Some children are kicked out from homes over trivial matters that bring frustration, for example, the young girls who get pregnant while young.

Many young girls are acting as “parents” to younger sisters and brothers whose parents have passed away, and they are easily targeted for prostitution or rape!
Our project is extending this opportunity for you to help change the future of a poor child and grow the future generation.



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