Help to help others

Orphaned children in Africa are poorer, less educated and much less healthy than others in the world. Their plight is discouraging, but by becoming knowledgeable about the many different ways to help, you can make a difference.

  1. Raise awareness about the plight of orphaned children in Africa by creating informational fliers and brochures. Distribute the fliers and brochures to your friends, family and members of your community. People who are aware and informed about the plight of African orphans are much more likely to donate or help.
  2. Hold a bake sale or garage sale and donate the proceeds to Kazira Organization in Uganda that supports orphaned children. Ask your friends, family and community members to donate items for sale. Broadcast the garage or bake sale with fliers and by word of mouth.
  3. Sponsor orphaned children at Kazira. Visit the Kazira Orphans website. Choose a child to sponsor from the list provided and pay the $50 monthly sponsorship amount. Exchange letters with the child you sponsor. Kazira, a reputable nonprofit organization, will send you the address and facilitate delivery of your letters.
  4. Volunteer at a Kazira Orphans Project in Uganda

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