Orphans and Vulnerable children in Uganda.

Question: What is the definition of an “orphan” according to the Ugandan Government?
Answer: The basic definition of an orphan is a child whose parents are deceased. However, for purposes of interpreting the law, an orphan is a child who has nobody to take care of him or her.

Question: What are common causes of a child being orphaned?
Answer: Children are orphaned for a variety of reasons. Death of parents due to diseases, political instabilities, starvation, lack of medical care, etc.

Question: Why are there non-orphans living in orphanages?
Answer: This is an unfortunate situation. However, non-orphans live in orphanages for several reasons. On the part of the child’s family, the reasons are mainly due to any of the following:
– Poverty: Parents voluntarily relinquish their children to orphanages because they cannot afford to take care of them.
– Ignorance: Some parents are illiterate and sign off their parental rights to orphanages without knowing the implication of this action.
– Diseases: Parents may have illnesses like HIV/AIDS and are unable to provide proper care to their children.

Question: What are Kazira Projects?
1.   Clean Water For All
2.   Sponsorship Program
3.   Women Micro-Finance
4.   Handcrafts
5.   Feed Kazira Kids Program
6.   Computer Studies
7.   Modern Agriculture
8.   Cooperatives
9.   School Trips
10. Swimming Program
11. Adult Skills Training
12. Renewable Source of Energy
13. Prevention of HIV/AIDS From Mother-to-Child Transmission
14. Computer Studies
15. Building our own home

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