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A pure and undefiled call of faith is this: to visit orphans … in their distress (James 1.27)

We hear the cry for justice and mercy coming from our neighbours close at hand: from urban centers, from across the tracks, maybe even from the house next door…. But there is also a great cry rising up around the world. There are places where thousands of children have no parents, no help, and where the governments and churches are overwhelmed at the scale of the problem. The Lord looks for justice on the streets of the world, and finds many voices crying in distress.

Kazira can provide your church with tangible, practical, and effective ways to put compassion to work, helping children who have little or no hope. You’ll be a part of showing children God’s great love for them, and your church will know the satisfaction of expressing the Father’s heart.

Kazira provides a variety of opportunities for your church to fulfill the Biblical call of the worldwide body of Christ to care for “the least of these”.

Here are several ways your church can partner with Kazira orphaned children and community development (KOCCD):

  1. Give a monthly or annual donation. To sponsor a child  for as little as $50 per child per month or give to our general fund.
  2. Host a child sponsorship presentation to introduce your church to some wonderful children. Kazira pastoral representative can come and preach on issues of justice and compassion or simply make a short presentation about Kazira orphaned children and community development (KOCCD) and the kids we serve in Uganda.
  3. Send a short-term team to Kazira to work at children’s home and connect with the local church.  Team visits are a great opportunity for your community to grow in faith and personally connect with the children. Kazira will arrange for translators, transportation, etc.
  4. Invite Kazira to your next mission’s event.  We provide resources at many levels: brochures, presentations, and even a speaker for your event. Contact us by email at [email protected] for more information.

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