Sponsor a Child

Through child sponsorship, Kazira will give you easy ways to

  • Bring hope to children who have been cast aside
  • Engage in a genuine relationship with children that goes beyond mere financial support
  • Provide total care for orphaned and abandoned children in a Christian family environment
  • Partner with churches overseas in a ministry of justice and compassion

The Sponsor a Child Program connects children to sponsors in a personal and individual way. Sponsors offer monthly financial support, as well as encouragement through prayer, letter writing, sharing of photos, even visits to the children’s homes.

Sponsorship helps us provide for these kids, just as we would for our own children … a safe and welcoming home, three well-balanced meals every day, clothing, a private Christian education, vocational training, medical and dental care, birthday parties, recreational opportunities, and of course, the love of family.

To meet some of our children, visit our Sponsor a Child page.

How Does it Work?

Change the life of a child for as little as $50 Monthly per Child, $150 for every three months or $600 Annually.

Sponsors receive a packet of information about their child (such as biography, picture, age, hobbies, etc). The children write letters to sponsors at least twice each year. We also encourage sponsors to write or email their child. Letters between the sponsor and the child will be translated and delivered by Kazira itself.

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