Fund Raising

Fund Raising

Please Help Us Build Our New Home


We have been fortunate enough to be able to acquire some land, in order to build our own home. This will help us to save the cost of rent and allow us to support our ever-growing young orphans on an ongoing basis, providing them with a proper home, where they can be fed, sleep and participate in our everyday activities. We need your help to build our new home. Your donation, however small or large, will go a long way towards helping us to achieve our goals.

Our obvious first goal is to clear the land and build our foundations. Our target to achieve this goal is US$35,000. We need your help to reach this target so that we can build the rest of our new home. Please click the button or scan the QR Code below and make your generous donation, which will be most appreciated by our needy orphans (you choose the amount you wish to donate):

                                                                                                          Donate to Kazira Orphans 


Important Information About Why Orphaned Children Need a Home


An Orphan’s Home

What does your “House” look like? Is it big or small? Are you in a city or in the countryside? What type of climate surrounds you? What threatens your “Life”?

What about the forgotten orphans of the world who don’t have four strong walls to protect them and keep them safe from threats? What about the abandoned needy children who don’t have a roof on their mud hut, causing flooding and destruction to their home every single time it rains? The ideology amongst the United Nations is that “everyone deserves a decent place to live,” and we at Kazira Orphanage couldn’t possibly agree more.


What Does A Lack Of “Home” Do To An Orphaned Child?

Homeless and orphaned kids go through their entire life with all odds against them and their environment, inadequate as it may be, and it affects every single part of their life. Think about it for a second. Think about being seven years old and being alone. You have no father. You have no mother. You have no home. You are just a young child living on the street who is disadvantaged in nearly every aspect of your life. Your health deteriorates almost immediately, with hardly any access to food, other than scraps you find in trash cans – the same place the stray dogs are finding their next meal. The stagnant water you are forced to drink fills your tiny, malnourished body with parasites and bacteria that will kill you if left untreated. You are freezing and start going to extreme lengths to stay warm, like drinking petrol, gum, toxic gasoline, just to counter the hypothermia. This is your “habitat.” Doesn’t seem like it would be your “preferred surroundings” does it?


Why Do We Need to Build Children a Home?

With a generous heart like yours, we will rescue Orphans and Homeless Children who are living in situations just like this, and with your support,  we will bring orphans into a new habitat – Kazira Home – where they will no longer have to suffer. Therefore, we urge you kindly to graciously give your hard-earned money so that this “Home” can be built around the orphaned and destitute children in Uganda. Their new surroundings start to look much different than what they have been used to – four sturdy walls and roofs that don’t collapse in on themselves the moment it begins to rain. We celebrate your big heart for giving our in-country leaders the resources they need to rescue the forgotten and abandoned.


Children Need a Home Because THEY Deserve It!

The orphaned children sleeping on the curb who are so desperately trying to survive really deserve to have a decent shelter. Today take time to think about them. Pray for them. Let your heart remain open to them. They deserve it.

A “Home” is every child’s safe zone. Without a place to call home, an orphaned child is left exposed to countless risks and dangers and we don’t plan on stopping until we know that all children are safe.



Please click the button or scan the QR Code below and make your generous donation, which will be most appreciated by our needy orphans (you choose the amount you wish to donate):

                                                                                                          Donate to Kazira Orphans

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