Future for Africa

What can we do … when it is too late?

So many people in developed countries haven’t been able to grasp the magnitude of the crisis facing African men, women and children, An entire continent of people are in dire need of food, clean water,education and affordable medicine. That’s why we are making more emergency appeals for relief because this truly is a situation like the world has never seen before!
“It will only be too late for the children when we give up on them,”. As soon as we do that, then they have little hope for survival. You see, many of the children have no where else to turn for help. They have so little food, clothing, medicine,education and more. . . they need us for everything.

That’s why I am desperately praying that the people  in the developed countries will understand how important they are to the survival of Uganda and  Africa as a whole. Without our help, there will be no Africa. Its life, its beauty, its children will eventually die. In so many ways, the future of Africa is in our hands!”

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