Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi (means a “Place of many little birds”) lies in south western Uganda, between Kisoro and Kabale, close to the border with Rwanda.

Located at 1,962 m above sea level, it is about 25 km long and 7 km wide. The depth of the lake is rumored to vary between 44 m and 900 m which, if true, would make the lake the second deepest in Africa. It is one of the few lakes in the region that is free of bilharzia and is safe for swimming. However, this claim is not verifiable and patrons of the lake have tested positive as recently as 2012. The lake appears on the 5,000 Ugandan shilling note under the title “Lake Bunyonyi and Terraces”.

Towns on its shores include Rutinda, Kyevu and Muko, while its 29 islands include Punishment Island, Bushara Island, Upside Down Island and Leprosy Island, among others. It is a popular location for water sports and is known for the surrounding terraced hillsides. It is popular with both foreign and domestic tourists and there is a wide variety of tourist accommodation.

Children cross Lake Bunyonyi every day to the project using dugout canoes, which is very risky, but when we are able to get motorboats, it will save the lives of the children and the community in general.

If you are interested to donate towards this, please email us at [email protected].

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