Orphan Feeding Program

Please Help Us Feed the Orphans!

Have you seen all the need in the world and ever wondered How can I help? The Orphan Feeding Program may be the perfect way for you to do just that!

The Orphan Feeding Program was established in 2011 when children whose parents were victims of the HIV/AIDS epidemic were identified in the Kazira primary school in Kabale Uganda. Most were malnourished and unable to learn.

The response was to raise funds and establish a feeding program for the children. As a result, all of the orphaned children attending these three schools are now given a daily meal of porridge or rice and beans. For most orphans, that meal is their only one that day, and in many cases they bring the food home to share with the people they are staying with.

The cost for this feeding program is $3 per child per day, depending on the fluctuating cost of food in Uganda.  Since the inception of the program, hundreds of children have benefited from this daily provision of food.

Please join us in reaching out to these orphans.  This program is changing lives, and yours just might be one of them!

Thank you for your compassion and giving!

Facts on the Orphan Feeding Program:

  • No child is turned away because of their religion, denomination, race or ethnicity.
  • It takes less than $3 a day to ensure that one orphan has a nourishing hot meal.
  • Our goal is to reach $3,500 per month so that the growing number of orphans coming to Kazira Orphans project will be fed.
  • Every penny that is raised through this program goes directly to providing a hot, nourishing meal for the orphans.

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