Orphans in Uganda

An orphan is a child without parents. In Uganda we make ourselves available to both single orphans and double orphans. An Orphan is a single parent child but a double orphan is child both of whose parents have died. However, several children who are orphans in Uganda are as a result of HIV, which is very rampant. Malaria in Uganda also contributes to the death of parents, which leaves behind several Orphans without care. Parents also die due to lack of qualified doctors in Uganda, to attend to mothers delivering Children in Hospitals. As a result, there is a lack of care, which leads to many parents, especially mothers at the verge of dying while delivering children, due to over bleeding, which leads to their death.

A child who has lost both parents as a result of HIV in Uganda is an Orphan. The facilities are still lacking in Uganda, but Kazira Orphaned Children and Community Development is determined to put in place the best facilities possible, given the opportunities. Orphans end up leaving home and live on the streets of towns in Uganda – without care. They feed in dustbins and also go on the streets to beg, which is very sad for children, some as young as 5 years old.

Kazira Orphaned Children and Community Development is a fully registered Non Governmental Organization in Uganda that is determined to take care of all children. We support both Orphans, vulnerable and other needy children in Uganda where Sponsorships are secured, and allocated to children who need Sponsorship the most. There is a provision of food to children who come from families on the poverty line – or families that cannot earn even one dollar a day.

We  have a platform for you to choose a child to Sponsor, if you have not done so and you wish to do so. Our staff are determined to allocate a child who needs your help and support, as there are many children in Uganda who need help. Your support is needed to help Orphans in Uganda, both financially and physically at the Centre. In order to support Orphans in Uganda, You could help by raising funds, not only for one child, but for all Orphans in Uganda. Many others have decided to reduce their expenditures and concentrate on Orphans in Uganda to support. Please get in touch with us if you have any interest in Sponsoring an Orphan in Uganda

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