Sponsoring a Ugandan child is a very good commitment though some sponsor take it for fund to sponsor a child however there are several children in Uganda who needs your support and who needs to be Sponsored, some families in Uganda live on a poverty line which is a situation where a family can not even earn a dollar per day though there are several orphans who have no where to earn even a dollar, Orphans in Uganda are refereed to double orphans and single Orphans and there is a situation where a child has no parent but other children have one parent, the situation where a child has no parent is tantamount to an Orphanage of which Kazira is currently doing.

sponsor program

Several Organizations have different fees for Sponsoring a child in Uganda however its 40USD for Kazira Orphans for one to Sponsor a child per month where it is spent on food, clothings in form of Uniform and other scholastic materials need for a child to go to school, Normally we ask our Sponsor to which sex is a particular sponsor is willing to support whether a girl or a boy. We normally give updates how the child is growing and doing every month so that you see exactly how the donations you make are impacting on the child.  [email protected]

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