Jacqueline Michelle

March 17, 2012 near Chicago, IL, United States

So proud of my friend Charles Kukunda and his tireless dedication to the children of Uganda and his community. I first met Charles at Lake Bunyonyi when he was beginning to launch Kazira Orphans Project, and I’m so happy to see how far along the project has come. For all those interested in helping out in Uganda, please visit Kazira Orphaned Children and support those Ugandans who work hard to give back to their community and make sustainable community-based projects. School supplies, mosquito nets, and life jackets are all helpful.



TANIA WALKER (Volunteer)

March 16, 2012 at 6:50pm

From Canada

Charles has been working very hard for a noble cause. We are proud of Charles and his continuous dedication. We met him at the inception of this project that only continues to be more beneficial to the community. However in order to reach its full potential and help the children, community and society as a whole by giving, we need to lend out a hand and contribute as much as we can. Any help helps!!! Thank you for your kindness. Tania, Volunteer for the project.

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