Uganda – Kazira Orphans

    “Every one is a star”

There are well over 2 million orphans in the African country of Uganda, largely as a result of HIV AIDS. Most of these orphans live with a grandparent or other relative, but some of them have no one able to care for them. Kazira orphanage was established specifically to provide loving care to some of these orphaned and abandoned children, and currently we have over  384 children between the ages of 5 and 16. Located near the city of Kabale in South Western Uganda, the Kazira Organization is in need of help to buy land to establish a rehabilitation center for mostly needy children, nursery and Primary School  to help children who are travelling long distances to school. But we need to build permanent school structures, anybody can help in this excellent cause.

Before children started coming to Kazira Orphanage, many of these orphans had no one to care for them, while others were living in desperate conditions with ageing and overburdened grandparents. Now the children are thriving in a healthy, nurturing Christian environment.
Considerable attention has been given to making Kazira as self-sufficient as possible. Due to lack of water, rainwater can be collected and used for washing clothes and scrubbing floors. Solar panels which cover the roof of the bathhouse and a large bank of batteries can reduce dependence on the national electrical grid and reduce utilities costs as we are operating in rural villages where there is no hydro electricity power. Cows, goats, pigs and chickens provide food for the children and an opportunity to learn about animal care.

You can help maintain and expand the services offered by Kazira. Contact us to know how you can support the work of Kazira orphaned children and community development and make a huge difference in the lives of orphans in Uganda, East Africa.

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