Volunteer work

Kazira Orphans in Uganda welcomes everybody from around the world to give skills to the children and women in Uganda therefore your skills are requirements to empower children and women in Uganda however there are several activities volunteers coming could get involved in Uganda including teaching the children schools, cooking for the children and creating more ideas to be implemented in our communities surrounding Kazira.

Volunteer and live like a Ugandan is here for you, it means that once you decide to volunteer with Kazira orphans, you can live with the allocated families by the project directors where you learn more of the African-Ugandan culture in order to acquire the fascinating African culture that you have been looking for that makes very many people to come back for volunteering.

Kazira Orphans does not ask for fees to volunteer with them instead a volunteer is very free, you can instead make donations towards the developments of Kazira cause than paying fees to volunteer because many organizations around the global do ask for money in order to volunteer with them which is not our main aim.

Volunteering does not mean engaging yourself to the project in Uganda but also your home countries including make events to help make awareness to other people about Kazira projects in Uganda, to spread the word of our cause in Uganda, to make some kind of fundraising while in your home countries, this could be before and after your volunteering. The interaction of children and local communities of Uganda is very amazing.[email protected]

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