Clean water program

Kazira Orphans and needy children organization is running “CLEAN WATER FOR ALL ” where by the project is for the community and in Uganda very many people travel very long distances almost 8 miles especially women and children to look for water and of course “dirty water” and due to long distances, children fail to go to school every day but since God gave us free water especially rain fall, Kazira Organization is helping the community by constructing water tanks in every place of need either a permanent tank used by bricks or a plastic one and in 2018, we have managed to install three massive water tanks and two wells, but the need is still very high so we need to install more water tanks, boreholes, wells, gravity water flows among others to different communities. KOCCD itself can not do this a lone please join us in this cause for good lives of our communities.

clean water

Poverty floats on dirty water, and 50% of the world’s infectious diseases are waterborne.  Clean drinking water is a catalyst for health and change.

Saving a child from getting sick, doesn’t just prevent death – the water ripples repeat through the whole strained social system.  Follow the drop of a child getting sick from drinking polluted water; first they miss a day of school, second a parent/guardian must take them to a clinic, third they must pay for the medication to achieve wellness.  Simply preventing, keeps the child in school, and also frees the child from making the trips to the water hole each day because we place the tanks at schools most commonly and water hard reach areas in the community.
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