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Temporally structure at Kazira orphans project.




Kazira Orphaned Nursery and Primary School is a private school.This school is found in Kabale District in the South western region of the Republic of Uganda. It was founded in 2009 by Mr Kukunda Charles to help the increasing number of orphans and vulnerable children in the region after a wide series of consultations. The project was started by to mainly access HIV/AIDS orphans with education.
KAZIRA Orphaned Nursery School is currently using temporally structures as in the picture above to teach to educate the children and we request well wishers to contribute for the construction of permanent structures.



Providing education, food, shelter, clothing and medical care to Ugandan orphaned and vulnerable children, to nature their mental, physical, emotional growth and well being. 


  • Education mostly pre-primary and primary
  • Co-curricular activities
  • Leadership skills training

Volunteer task

  • The work of the volunteer will be mainly administrative.
  • He/She will be required to liaise with the project Director and other staff members to ensure smooth running of the schools programs
  • Other tasks shall include supervising activities implementation and any other duties as may be assigned to him/her by the executive Board.

Volunteer qualities

  • Emotionally strong. The volunteer work requires a person with patience and enthusiasm to innovate and create new ideas.
  • Attachment to help the needy children carries an added advantage
  • Command of good communication skills
  • Flexibility in working with young ones mostly those aged between 4 years and 15 years.
  • Ability to accept constructive criticism, welcome dialogue and accommodate challenges in an infant growing organization.

Working hours

 Kazira orphaned N& P/S official working hours are from 8:00 am to     4:00pm. Working with children calls for a volunteer ready to be patient, not                        emotional and prepared to accommodate a diversity of ideologies, ways of doing things and interpretation of variable situations. Therefore, a volunteer shall be required to carry a very open heart that can accommodate these situations. Volunteers work 5 days a week.
Communication with the school staff is easy because most of them use English. However communication with other members of the community may not be as easy but possibilities for translation are abundant.



Due to the increasing number of unattended orphans or vulnerable children in the community characterized by poverty and HIV/AIDS victims, it is against the above statement that the project came up with an idea to reduce the increasing percentage of street beggars and law breakers.
Besides, many parents die without making any will that will protect or safe –guard their children so the in-laws that.
It is however, against that background that ‘’KAZIRA PROJECT” conceived the idea of establishing a centre for such children.

The community came-up with these objectives below:
1. To provide the children with income generating skills for sustaining them selves where needed.
2. Offer formal education leading to literacy
3. To guide and counsel children with HIV/AIDS and to help them where needed.
4. To sensitize the community and guardians about children’s rights.
5. To sensitize children and the community on HIV/AIDS, primary health care and personal hygiene.
Nevertheless, there is a management committee to gear the affairs of the school following the financial procedures on the ground.
1. Mobilize resources with the community for the project.
2. Organizing workshops and sensitize guardians, religious leaders about children’s rights.
3. To instill in the orphans and vulnerable/HIV/AIDS children income generating skills for sustaining them selves for better future.
4. Provide formal education to all on-going school children.

• We have taken children for blood test and those who have HIV/AIDS are on ARVS.
• Children are able to read and write.
• Through guidance and counseling, many guardians have retreated and realized that these children also have rights to education, shelter, medical care and all basic needs.
• Few vocational skills have been achieved.

Dear sir/madam,
The management of  Kazira Nursery and Primary School requests you and other well wishers to pattern –up with them address the following challenges below:
1. Buy the land where to build permanent project school structures estimated to US dollars 100,000
2. Pay teacher’s salaries estimated to US dollars 100 each per month.
3. Paying fees for children who are orphans, vulnerable and HIV/AIDS US dollars $40 per month per child.
4. Constructing-saws and sports’ tools estimated to US dollars 2000
5. Buy equipments for vocational studies like weaving, sewing, hair dressing, carpentry and engineering estimated US dollars 3000.

  1. Donate a motorboat and engine for the children to use when crossing Lake Bunyonyi.
  2. Donate solar power to Kazira orphanage in Uganda where by there is no electricity.
  3. Donate to give clean water to Kazira orphans and the surrounding communities….
  4. Donate to feed Kazira orphans
  5. Donate Computers to Kazira orphansNB: We request you that our school patterns up with some schools in your country for better co-operation. We shall be very grateful if we are helped on behalf of children living with AIDS and the orphans.

    “At Kazira orphans Project Every one is a star”

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