What we do

Kazira Orphans is engaged in several social, Education, Agriculture and other development projects not only around Lake Bunyonyi but also the entire Uganda. It needs a mention that Kazira working with Children in different aspects of life which are ranging from Sponsoring them for their education in both Primary schools in Uganda, High or secondary schools, colleges and other Universities, There is no any form of discrimination based on the gender basis or religion, All the Children are welcome to our cause whether catholic or Anglican or Muslims.


Women are empowered through the modernization of Agriculture where new methods of farming are taught, they including rearing of goats and cows of new high bread, the introduction of new crops also help the women to improve on their food security for their families in Uganda, Women are also engaged in making crafts of which they sale to tourists who come around lake bunyonyi in Uganda but are export to other destinations of Uganda where tourists visit for their safari in Uganda.

Kazira Orphans is also engaged in fundraising to obtain funds for building the schools in Uganda as the Ugandan schools are not doing well anymore due to the introduction of Universal primary Education and Universal secondary Education, such systems of Education are not good to the Ugandan children where there is automatic promotions whether the children has failed exams or not. The fact that there is privatization in Uganda with the open economy has helped children to improve on their education as children go to private schools in Uganda. Therefore with your support, the children could have a better future and good education if your engagement.

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