Kazira Lunch Program

KAZIRA orphanage program provides a great opportunity to work very closely with children who have mostly neglect, abuse or lost their parents to HIV/AIDS. The big smiles and love of these children towards anyone who is willing to help them in any way, leaves lots of memories in the minds of volunteers and interns, making it hard to part from them at the end of the program. The volunteers and interns teach basic and conversational English. Activities include: games, drawing, organizing day sightseeing with the children, feeding, washing the children and other creative activities.

orphan feeding program

Do you want to give back to the communities? Do you want to give a child at least a meal at the orphanage?  
 For just only $40 a month, you can sponsor a child living in a Food for the Poor-supported KAZIRA orphanage in Uganda……….  
Do you want see these kids smile? Then this program is for you. Be a star, a hero, break the box, come and hug these kids and put smile in their faces. That all that these kids need. You’ve got everything to make these kids happy. In your small way you make it happen!


Resources are really in short supply here, but it’s amazing to see the children always happy and getting involved in anything fun! Volunteers are encouraged to raise more funds for the orphanage at home before coming. The funds will be used to keep the orphanage up and running and to get more toys for the orphans. Volunteers are allowed to bring children books, toys, old shoes, t-shirts, soccer balls and old computers for the orphanage.


Activities include the following below:

  • Teaching – Classrooms: The program includes teaching maths subjects, science subjects, spots, music, cantata, agriculture, computer program in the school where the orphans attend. Provide extra support and guidance in a self-contained special needs classrooms kindergarten, primary one to six, provide special one on one support and guidance to an autistic students with extra special needs. The program also include after school orphanage program – helping the kids with their home works and story telling.
  • Field – Outside the Orphanage: Earmark sites for development. Construction of spots and recreation facilities, Construction of classrooms block, construction of toilet, construction library and renovation work on the existing orphanage (fixing windows, fixing doors, floor concreting, painting, art works, electrical works and plumbing works)
  • Social Work in the Orphanage: Helping in the kitchen to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner, feeding, washing, drying, powdering, changing diapers and helping in the orphanage farm, be on night duty, coaching program- football, tennis, basketball or volleyball. Supervised free play, assistance with homework or working with some of the
  • disabled children at the orphanage. 

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